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Breakdown in the Nuclear Power Plant

Breakdown 1

Breakdown 2

Breakdown 3

Digital Drawing, completed in 2003     more Info

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Breakdown in the nuclear power plant

A cartoon in three pictures.
Three experts in white coats discuss each other at a large control panel with a multitude of displays and buttons.

Image 1:
The boss asks the others a question: "Well, gentlemen - if it flashes, it's a malfunction, isn't it? Who has a suggestion?" The engineer replies: "Sometimes it flashes, but sometimes it stops flashing again." Müller contradicts: "No, it only stops when you pull two of the short levers over there ..."

Picture 2:
The boss asks: "What does the manual say about such a case, Mr. Engineer?" The engineer replies: "uh, the manual is a problem, boss. None of us can really speak Swedish ..." And Müller adds: "I once saw a copy in German in some drawer, at least partially."

Picture 3:
The engineer says: "If it flashes longer - then it starts knocking again ..." The boss decides: "Please gentlemen, don't panic now! Müller! You go outside and walk around the reactor building to see if you can see anything. And we'll take a coffee break until Müller comes back !!" Müller says: "With the gout in the foot and the poor eyesight it can take a while, boss."

Data: Digital drawing, completed in 2003.


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